FM Classics Free for Yamaha MONTAGE, MODX, MODX+


We are celebrating our 3d Anniversary with a free FM Classics library, bringing some of the most iconic sounds of the 80s right to your Yamaha Montage, MODX and MODX+
No hidden catch, no strings attached.

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As a part of the celebrations of our 3d Anniversary (since the release of our first big project – the Italian Grand) we are giving away this FM Classics library, bringing 384 iconic DX7 sounds from the 80s right to your Yamaha Montage, MODX and MODX+

The 384 performances can be further enchanced, layered, split and edited by using the Montage. MODX and MODX+ immensely powerful effects, processing and controlability to bring new life and utility, or they can be used as a ground for learning the FM synthesis.


NOTE: FM Classics Free is based on publicly available DX7II cartridges, converted via Yamaha’s FM Converter.


Yamaha Montage M, Montage, MODX and MODX+

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