Yamaha MONTAGE and MODX meet a particularly brute family of analog synths. These beasts are raw, scratchy, noisy and unpredictable. The result is pure analog awesomeness that has never been available for any Yamaha synth before!

NOTE: All sounds, effects and processing in the demo song are exclusively made on Yamaha Montage, recorded thru a REDD 47 preamp with just a touch of compression.

It all started when Yamaha MONTAGE met a particularly brute family of analog synths. The raw honesty, unpredictability and pure analog awesomeness of these beasts are like nothing else in the synthesizers world and have earned them a special place in the hearts of the synthesizing community worldwide.
Now they have been brought to your Yamaha MONTAGE and MODX in the form of 35 custom crafted performances – 16 leads, 9 basses, 1 pad, 4 effects and 5 drum kits.

All of these purely analog sounds have been Montagefied with reverbs, delays, choruses, flangers or ring modulators, hands-on control via the Super-Knob, Mod Wheel, assignable knobs and switches, but we have ensured that the filter sounds as close as possible to the original analog one.

Technical Data:

  • 323 MB of 44.1KHz/16-bit mono samples
  • 90 waveforms
  • 35 performances – 16 Leads, 9 Basses, 1 Pad (sort of :), 4 Effects. 5 Drum Kits

NOTE: Required Firmware version – MONTAGE OS v3.51 or MODX OS v2.52, or higher.


Analog Synths and Drums


Yamaha Montage M, Montage, MODX and MODX+

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