Produced as a Halloween 2020 special and the first product in our Cinematic Series, this library includes one distinctive and unique piano sound that’s mostly suitable for scary lines and horrific melodies.

NOTE: No additional processing has been used on this demo, only simple volume normalization.
All effects are applied real-time in Montage/MODX.

The piano has 3 dynamic layers and a special “even-more-effect” layer that is activated by pressing the “ASSIGN 1” button. We have also added hammers press and release noises on a separate part, that can be adjusted to personal taste and greatly complement the dramatic effect.

Additional effects are available by using the Super Knob and the Modulation Wheel.

Technical Data:

  • 244 MB of 44.1KHz/16bit samples, 432 keybanks
  • 3 velocity layers + 1 effect layer activated by the “ASSIGN 1” button
  • 1 performance

NOTE: Horror Piano XL requires Montage OS v3.5 or MODX OS v2.5, or higher. Horror Piano XL is based on a sample set made by Karoryfer Samples from the public domain piano samples created by the University of Iowa.

Also available as a free version with one velocity layer – Horror Piano Free


Cinematic Series


Yamaha Montage and MODX


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