red Romantic Upright for Yamaha MONTAGE, MODX, MODX+


Based on newly recorded samples of the Romantic Upright patch from the famous red stage piano, we have carefully programmed this library to properly represent the beautiful and delicate sound of the 1967 Schimmel Fortissimo Chippendale upright. Along with the damper release and key press/release noises, we have added a damper resonance effect and Super Knob control over the reverb and the filters for a one-knob proximity effect – from close and dry to distant and reverberating.

No additional processing has been used in this demo, only simple volume normalization.
All effects are applied in real-time in Montage/MODX.

Technical Data:

  • 196 MB of 44.1KHz/16-bit stereo samples, 195 keybanks
  • up to 7 velocity layers
  • 8 performances (patches), including layers with Strings and Pads, EP stack and more

NOTE: red Romantic Upright requires Montage OS v3.51, MODX OS v2.52, MODX+ OS v1.01, or higher.


*red* Series


Yamaha Montage M, Montage, MODX and MODX+

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red Romantic Upright for Yamaha MONTAGE, MODX, MODX+