red ALL Pianos Bundle for Yamaha MONTAGE, MODX, MODX+


The ALL red pianos bundle comes with 12 renowned stage pianos at only 42% of the regular price + a bonus library not available separately!

Technical Data:

  • 12 renowned stage piano libraries with -58% discount + a bonus White Grand (not available separately)
  • Sampled in 5 to 7 velocity layers
  • Each library includes 4 to 9 performances (patches)
  • Included sound libraries:
    – red Amber Piano
    – red Bambino Piano
    – red Blue Swede (new)
    – red Bright Grand
    – red Imperial Grand
    – red Lady D Grand
    – red Rain Piano (new)
    – red Romantic Upright (new)
    – red Royal Grand
    – red Silver Grand
    – red Studio 2 Grand (new)
    – red Velvet Grand
    – red White Grand (bonus)

NOTE: red Pianos require Montage OS v3.51, MODX OS v2.52, MODX+ OS v1.01, or higher.


*red* Series


Yamaha Montage, MODX and MODX+

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